Wildlife Damage Repairs

In addition to the annoyances that invading wildlife can cause, these animals have the potential to severely damage or destroy parts of your property. At Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC, we believe a job isn’t completely done until your property is back to the way it was before the infestation began. We provide services or recommendations to repair damages caused by wildlife, specialized to your specific needs.

We provide full wildlife control and removal services, in addition to providing quality wildlife damage removal. Our experts will either take care of repairs themselves, or we will contact trusted Connecticut repairmen to safely restore your property. Oftentimes, repairs aren’t extremely easy doing it yourself, which is why we offer repair services along with our removal and relocation services.

The damage caused by wildlife, whether directly or indirectly to property, can be quite significant at times, meaning that repairs can be major as well. Sealing entryways and blocking entrances can fix many problems, although it’s usually not nearly enough. With our services, you receive access to Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC’s 28+ years of experience dealing with wildlife-related damage. While every case is certainly unique, our team knows repair solutions for most related damages.

Following a reinspection of your property, our on-scene professional will give you a general estimate of the overall damages caused, explaining an outline for repairs. This might not include all future damages though, as many wildlife issues are multilayered. Alongside this general outline, we will provide you with an estimate as to how much this may cost, in addition to either offering Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC services or a nearby Connecticut company, depending on the extent of the damage.

No matter the eventual service provider, most fixes are similar between situations. Depending on which animal had invaded your property, the specific fix may be different from another animal, although many consist of removing access to previous entryways, decontaminating, removing odors, cleaning residue, and fixing other damages. These damages may relate to wires, walls, flooring, chimneys, or much more.

Oftentimes, these animals don’t damage your property extensively, letting resealing entrances solve much of the problems. On other occasions, you may be faced with severe cosmetic damages or even structural damage. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC will provide you with a fair estimate and outline for damage repair, even sending you over to a repair company for severe damages we can’t solve in-house.

Entry holes can be repaired with filler, replaced bricks, or bars. Some damages can be solved with a reapplication of paint, while others may require replaced structural beams, if chewed through. Our repair services focus on not only repairing your home to its previous condition but also move to prevent any future re-entry. At Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC, we’re determined to finish a job and prevent any future issues, offering both repairs and re-entry prevention services. After all, what’s the point of wildlife removal and damage repairs, if another animal takes its place and undoes what’s been repaired?

Wildlife Services