Skunk Removal

Here is a skunk removal in Darien, CT. Skunks can cause a lot of damage to lawns with their digging ability that they use to find grubs, food, etc.

Here is a little bit of info about the skunks that we have here in  CT:

The ability of skunks to adapt to various habitats has been advantageous to their populations over the years. The skunk’s adaptability allows it to live in urban and suburban areas with only remnants of undeveloped land.

The eastern striped skunk’s body is covered with fluffy black fur. It has a narrow white stripe up the middle of the forehead and a broad white area on the top of the head and neck, which usually divides into two stripes continuing along the back. The long, bushy tail is a mixture of white and black hairs. Some skunks have more white than black hairs. Skunks have a small head, small eyes and a pointed snout. Their short legs and flat-footed gait makes them appear to waddle when they walk. Sharp teeth and long claws enable them to dig in soil or sod and pull apart rotten logs in search of food.

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