Squirrel Removal Connecticut

Squirrels are a common feature of many parks and neighborhoods across the US. When observed from a distance, they can look like pleasant additions to these spaces as they scavenge for nuts and fruits and scurry around the grass or trees. However, in or around your home, squirrel encounters may look different, inviting the potential for disease and structural damage in your space. 

If you suspect a squirrel problem in your own space, give us a call right away and we’ll assess the situation and determine a course of action.  

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If you are looking for Humane & Immediate Squirrel Solution in Connecticut call 203-855-1888 to discuss your project.

Our squirrel removal process

In Connecticut, fall is the unofficial “squirrel removal season” for our team at Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC. Many of our removal processes will take place between August and December when squirrels nest indoors in an effort to stay warm and have babies.