Woodpecker Damage in Norwalk

Woodpecker Damage in Norwalk!

Woodpeckers can cause hundreds to even thousands of dollars worth of carpentry damage. Sometimes it could mean that you have an underlying bug issue and they are trying to get to to the bugs.

We can help you deter them from you home!

Many scare tactics are put in place once we analyze the damage done. We use different techniques, and sometimes switch it up. Often Woodpeckers can be relentless and keep going and you g to different parts of the house and will cause more damage.

It is helpful to have a team effort in deterring woodpeckers away and preventing them from causing more damage, and that is having an exterminator come and assess the bug situation. They can spray for bugs. While we deter the woodpeckers with our scare tactics making it a joint effort to solve your issue!