How to get rid of bats in your walls

So, you have bats in your home, and now you can hear noises in the walls, particularly late a night?    This can be devastating for a homeowner as any unwanted pest in a wall can cause damage and run the risk of dying in the wall, causing unpleasant odors that could be impossible to find without destroying the interior of your home. 

Where are the bats coming in your home?

Take a walk outside and inspect your siding, shutters, eaves, and all points that you can see.    Find any hole, cracks or grease mark on the exterior of your home and then come up with a plan to fix after you find the bats.    Steel wool, spray foam and caulking are the best solutions here to fix any open entry points on the outside of your home. 

Where are the bats in your walls?

The next step is to figure out exactly where they are in the walls of your home.  This can be a very difficult task but it is very likely that their location is near where you have found entryways into your house. 

As the sun is going down before dusk, make sure your home is quiet as possible and start to listen to the noises they are making so you know where they are located at. You should hear some flapping and scratching noises that will indicate where the bats are in the walls. 

How to remove the bats?

Once you have located this, and any other possible locations, the next step is to get them out.  Installing a one-way bat funnel is the best way to get bats to exit your home.  Use repellents and sprays that make the environment unfavorable for the bat colony to assist in removing quicky.

Bat removal can be complex process and in many cases, a homeowner is simply not able to remove a bat population from their home.  Sometimes bats are small in size they cannot be detected at very early stage.  When bats are located in a chimney or attic they tend to be a larger size group.   With that said, Gray Brothers is here to support any bat removal issues that you have in your Connecticut home.

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