How to safely remove bats from your home

Have you discovered evidence of bats inside your home or attic?   Are you concerned that bats are in your Connecticut home?   We understand that this can be incredibly frustrating and based on Connecticut Law bats need to be safely removed from your home.   As a Connecticut homeowner, here is what you can do to quickly help your bat removal situation.

Install a One-Way Bat Door

A one-way door is a device that allows the bat to leave but does not allow it to come back.  These can be incredibly in moving an entire colony of bats.   This method is the most popular as it reduces the risk of a bat dying in your home, which can cause foul odors for weeks and possibly months. 

Seal Entry Points

It is important to identify the entrance point where bats are entering your home.  Visual inspection of the exterior of your home, including attic, eaves, siding, shutters, and roofline is critical to finding any cracks or holes that bats could be entering.     Bats will typically leave grease marks at entrances but its important to find any hole or crack in your home to seal up for any potential predator. 

Reduce Any Food and Water Sources

Bats need a water source, check around your property for any areas with standing water.  Buckets, kids’ toys, and lids are anything that could collect water after a rainstorm.  Removing standing water is beneficial to remove any insects as well. 

Bats eat insects, most commonly during the early evening and early morning hours.  Keep your exterior lights off at night as much as possible to prevent a swarm of insects that will attract bats near your home.   Remove any bird feeders as this will encourage bats and other animals to find a consistent food source right in your backyard. 

Hang a Bat Box

Bats are great to have on your property, they feed and reduce insects such as mosquitoes.   Once bats are out of your home a bat box is an ideal solution to provide a new roost that will also deter bats from re-entering your home.   This solution can provide you the benefits of the bats removing unwanted insects but without the stress of them entering your home and causing property damage.

Use Bat Repellents

There are several bat repellents available online and in home improvement retailers that focus on essential oils and ultrasonic devices. Repellent solutions are not guaranteed to work and require a consistent upkeep with spraying and battery changes.  This can be costly and again in many cases does not deter the bats from entering your home.

The best solution is a combination of all of the above, but if you find yourself in a losing battle, Gray Brothers is happy to step in and take care of all of your bat removal and prevention needs in Connecticut.

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