How to Keep Squirrels of your Connecticut attic?

Having squirrels in your attic can be a problem for any homeowner in Connecticut.

They create all kinds of havoc, noise, and make themselves at home at the homeowner’s expense. There are many signs of squirrels in your attic that include the droppings they leave behind and their trails of their existence. 

Squirrels love easy ways they can come in and out; therefore, blocking them can keep them outside where they belong.

What are Some Signs of Squirrels?

Some of the obvious signs of squirrels in your attic include hearing unusual noises as squirrels are known for making a bunch of noise when they are moving in. Other signs to look for would be strange orders, nests, acorns, squirrel droppings, and any exterior home damage near the attic.

How to Stop Squirrels from Gaining Access to Your Attic

The best way to stop squirrels from gaining access to your home and into your attic is to inspect your home. 

  • Chimneys
    Chimneys are always a great place for squirrels to get into your attic, especially if there are any gaps or loose spots in the flashing. Seal off any loose cracks or lifted section of flashing and install a wire mesh over the top of the chimney.  
  • Gable End Wall Vents
    At the end of each home on the gable ends, there are air vents for your attic. These vents can make entry for a squirrel a breeze as well. It is best to add the same kind of wire mesh for the chimney over the vent from the inside of your attic. This will stop them from getting in and keep the aesthetics of your home in tip top shape.
  • Roof Edging
    Roof edging can come loose over time and allows squirrels a place to shimmy underneath. Most wildlife squirrel removal companies suggest nailing loose roof edging back down and replacing broken or curled shingles to prevent an entry point.   This will also prevent further roof damage and leaks over time. 
  • Plumbing and Roof Vents
    Plumbing and roof vents are always an area of concern for homeowners and squirrel problems. Look for a pipe sticking out of your roof near the bathroom.  If possible, take a walk on your roof and secure wire mesh over the plumbing vent and roof vents. You should also inspect the flashing around these exterior fixtures as well.

Gray Brothers can help identify the signs of squirrels, and seal off problem areas for residential homeowners in Connecticut facing squirrel infestations. Our team of squirrel removal experts come with the resources you need.

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