Emergency Bat Removal

Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC doing an emergency bat removal in Greenwich, CT. We got a call at 1 am by the customer saying the bat was flying around her and her husband in their bedroom and it awakened them. Because Gray Brothers Wildlife is a 24/7 emergency bat removal company she called us first. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC specializes in emergency bat removal, along with bat exclusion and prevention.

The presence of bats can be detected in several ways. At dusk, when bats leave roosts to feed, they may be seen exiting through eaves, vents or from behind shutters or siding. Noise from large colonies may also announce their presence. Droppings and dark brown stains may appear near eaves and beneath entrance holes and roosts. Bat droppings (guano) are easily crushed, revealing shiny bits of undigested insects. They are never white or chalky in appearance, as are the droppings of birds.

A single bat that enters a home can often be removed easily by a professional, such as Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC. Closing off doorways to the room containing the bat until Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC can arrive. You never want to let a bat outside or out a window. You may have been exposed to the bat and not even know it. Contacting the family physician and veterinarian is highly recommended.

Bats, like all wild animals, may bite when handled and should not be removed bare-handed. Remember that bats, like other mammals, may be a source of rabies. The rabies virus is found in saliva and may be transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. If you are accidentally bitten while handling a bat, make sure the bat is saved for examination. Immediately wash the bite with soap and water and seek prompt medical advice. Non-bite exposures can also occur and should be treated in the same manner as a bite. A non-bite exposure occurs when saliva or brain tissue from an infected animal enters scratches, abrasions, open wounds or mucous membranes (nose, mouth, eyes).

Most colonies of bats are small and often remain unnoticed for many years. Large colonies residing in an attic or wall may become a nuisance because of noise and unsightly guano accumulations. Eviction and exclusion of roosting bats are the only safe, permanent solutions to a nuisance problem. Numerous repellents and techniques may be used in an effort to evict nuisance bats.

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