Raccoon Trapping Connecticut

Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC doing a raccoon trapping job in Fairfield, CT. As you an see in the picture below the raccoon had made residence under the customers home so we had to do a customized raccoon trapping technique. Which worked beautifully, we trapped him within an hour. Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC is your raccoon trapping experts. If You Have raccoons or think you may have raccoons call Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC for all of your wildlife and raccoon trapping needs.

Because of their ability to coexist with humans, raccoons can become a nuisance when they damage gardens, raid garbage cans or inhabit human structures like attic and chimney. They can be especially destructive in your attic, where they ruin insulation, make latrines, damage electrical wires and cause odors. Because of their susceptibility to rabies, problem raccoons cannot be relocated. We can control and trap raccoons that are damaging your property.

To deter raccoons from raiding garbage cans, several modifications can be made. Snaps can be attached to the lid and the handle can be secured to a stake driven into the ground. Placing cans in wooden bins or in the garage may also eliminate raccoon raiding problems. Pet food should not be left outside where it is available to raccoons. Bird feeders should be placed away from trees or other structures that can be climbed by raccoons.

Raccoons can easily access roofs by climbing trees, downspouts, vines, electrical service wires or a trellis located near the house. Therfore, to prevent raccoons from entering house attic, roofs and chimneys should be
well-maintained. Replace loose shingles so the do not live in your attic, repair any holes near the eaves of the roof so they do not live in attic and securely place a chimney cap over the chimney so they do not live in chimney. Limiting the access to the roof by trimming trees and shrubs may also be helpful.

Electric fences may help to keep raccoons out of gardens. The wires must be spaced close together and close to the ground in order to be effective. We can trap or remove any raccoon if they are living in an attic, living under a deck, living in a chimney, living in a garage or living under a shed.

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