Woodchuck Removal – Westport, CT

This woodchuck removal in Westport, CT had become a menace to the homeowner not only because it was destroying her plants, and had about 3 holes on her property alone. It was terrorizing her dog, a lot of people don’t think woodchucks can cause harm, but they can.

Her dog ended up becoming tangled with the dog, when the dog approached the woodchuck the just sniffed him. The woodchuck lunged at the dog and the began to fight. The homeowner was able to scare the woodchuck off with a broom, but she wanted it removed immediately so it could not harm her dog. Woodchucks are usually busy feeding in the early morning and afternoon and tend to like to bask in the midday sun. They rarely move farther than 50 to 100 ft from their burrows and dive inside with an alarm whistle if threatened. They will fight if cornered.

That’s when we come in, the best way to remove a nuisance animal like a woodchuck is through trapping. We have special traps that can be placed over the hole so when the woodchuck comes out for the day he gets stuck in the trap.

After 2 days of trapping we were able to catch the woodchuck, remove and relocate him far away.

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