The Fastest way to get rid of raccoons

How to Get Rid of Raccoons in Connecticut

The best way to get rid of raccoons is to stop them from even coming in the first place. In fact, the only way to permanently get rid of raccoons is to bar their access to food and water near your home.

Remove Garbage. It is important to clear and remove all garbage and food waste from near and around your home.  This will prevent raccoons from showing up on your property.  Before going to bed at night, take out the trash and shut the bin lid tight.  

Secure Garbage Bins. It is important to use a locking garbage bin or one with a close-fitting or heavy metal lid. A raccoon can easily bypass a lid that is made of a lighter material such as plastic. If necessary, you can even use a rope or bungee cord to seal it tight. Leaving your garbage in the garage or locked in a shed is a better idea as racoons’ hands can open many lids if not locked. 

Secure Bird Feeders and Pet Food Dishes. Remember to bring in your pet’s food dishes, chickens, goats, birdfeeders at night.   Hanging a birdfeeder is a great way to attract bears, bats and other creatures so it is advisable to bring any feeders in at night to prevent anything. 

Prevent Access to Water. Raccoons need water to survive, so it is a must to restrict any source of water as well. This includes pet dishes, ponds, pools, puddles, and fountains.   Any amount of water after a storm can give raccoons an opportunity to hang out on your property for days without detection.  If they find other food sources it will keep them coming back for more. 

Bright Lights:  Motion detector lights are a great deterrent for preventing raccoons, other animals and possibly people from entering your yard.   Raccoons will scatter when the light turns on and keep them from coming back to your property. 

Use Repellants:  There are many natural repellants that consist of oils and sprays that you can buy in stores or online to prevent raccoons from coming near or in your home.

Remove the Vegetation around your home

Raccoons will search for food anywhere they can, so having a garden or leaving tall weeds around home can hid items that racoons might search for at night.  Not planting a garden will help prevent racoons from coming to your yard, unless its secured and locked on all sides. 

Look for any branches or shrubs that may provide access to your roof, attic or shed easily for racoons to use as their own ladder.   Check in and under your decks as well as this could provide a habitat they can be living right under your nose.

If you have a racoon issue it is important to stay away from raccoons as they can be aggressive and rabid.  If you find yourself in a situation that might require you to face a raccoon this is typically a job better situated for a professional racoon removal service.  Gray Brother’s has been serving homeowners in Connecticut and Westchester County for over 20 years and would be happy to assist in your raccoon problem, call us today. 

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