Bat Proofing In Ridgefield, CT

Many people live with bats in their attics, rake boards, facia boards, etc. and they don’t even know it. The reasons being that many people either don’t go up in their attics very often, don’t have a normal attic access or only have crawl spaces mostly for duct work or electrical equipment.

We have had many instances of such reasoning with many of our customers. We have inspected umpteen houses where not one piece of guano was identified, but hundreds of bats were physically seen leaving the dwelling.

Bat proofing in these instances are crucial. No one wants to have a bat enter their home while sleeping. Imagine waking up from a sound sleep and having a bat flying over you and your family. And because bats can fit through only a 1/4 or sometimes smaller it can be an uneasy feeling to turn the lights on and have it disappear into a small crevice.

That’s why having an experienced and professional bat proofing specialist like ourselves come out and remove the bat with out 24/7 emergency service. And coming to do a full inspection and give you a bat proofing estimate is the right way to go.