Skunk Removal – Fairfield County, CT

Skunk Removal in Fairfield County, CT.

Skunks can be a stinky situation and no one likes to encounter them. Skunks will burrow under ground especially in the colder months for warmth, even though they are not true hibernators. Skunks will den up together during the winter, it has been found that as many as 12 females will den together at a time. Skunks are powerful diggers and use their claws to do so.

Skunks will mate in early spring and give birth, usually in may to a litter of four to seven kits. When born skunks are deaf, blind and covered in a soft layer of fur. A mother skunk is very protective of her kits and spray at any sign of danger.

A skunks spray is very powerful to ward off any sized predator. They spray with a high degree of accuracy which can reach as far as ten feet.

Skunks are often unwanted creatures because of their stench and homeowners will want to trap at the first smell of them. Often times times skunks are smelled and . not seen, this may be a passerby skunk or one just spraying at the sight of danger. Skunks will not spray where they live.

Trapping skunks is the most effective way to remove them from your property.