How to get rid of raccoons naturally

Are you looking for a natural solution to keep racoons away from your Connecticut home?  Well, you have found the right place.  We will give you the best ideas on how to naturally keep racoons out of your home and off your property.

Plant cucumber

Plant cucumber along your fence and in your garden because raccoons hate the smell of them.  These vining plants can produce large batches of cucumbers in the summer months and provide your family with fresh cucumbers all summer long!

Use ammonia or vinegar to steer them away

Soak a few tennis balls in ammonia or place in a mason jar with a lid that has holes punctured in it like a salt or pepper shaker and place them where you think they live to send them packing. Or use vinegar on anything they may try to eat, near the garbage can or birdfeeder.

Use garlic or cayenne pepper to make a repellant

Raccoons don’t like the smell of either, so you can make a solution to spray around areas that you have spotted or have evidence of a raccoon.   Powder works well that you can pick up in the spice aisle at the grocery store.

Use predator urine

Use the urine of wolves, coyotes or bobcats- purchased from some tractor supply or online- can deter raccoons and other small creatures.  The goal here is they think a predator has marked the territory and that will make them avoid your property.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint oil is a widely used essential oil found online and many local retailers that can be used in a spray bottle to deter raccoons. 

Garlic Juice

You can use garlic juice to keep raccoons away as garlic releases as strong smell that lingers.  A spray bottle or a mason jar will work for garlic juice as well.     

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a strong deterrent for raccoons and is a very useful fertilizer for your garden. Sprinkle a cup in your yard, trash bins, or wherever raccoons are spotted.

All these natural remedies can be a great way to prevent racoons and other animals from your home.  Please be aware that it might not be enough to keep out a raccoon and that inspecting your property and reviewing our other blogs on raccoons will help protect your family and home from these predators.

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