Bat proofing your home in Connecticut.

There are many ways that you can bat proof your home in Connecticut.  The goal here is to seal up the bat’s entrance paths and provide them with an alternate roost (bat home).   This can be done yourself depending on the height of your home, ladders, and tools that you have.  Here is the plan for bat proofing your home in a Connecticut.

Identifying entry points

You will need to perform an inspection to find the holes that bats use to enter and exit areas of your home.  Look up toward the attic and eaves, note for anything that looks to have pulled away or distorted.  Siding and flashing that has moved and there is a gap of an inch or more.   A ladder or binoculars will help here.

Sealing the entry points

You will need to seal the openings that you found to prevent bats from making a roost in your home.  Hardware cloth, chicken wire and steel wool will work best for larger gaps and holes.  Caulking compound or expanding foam insulation is best suited for smaller holes and cracks.  Any home improvement store will have all of the materials you need here to seal the possible bat entry points. 

Provide a habitat

The last step is to provide a new home for any potential bats.  A bat box is a great solution and solves the problem of bats potentially using your home.   Bat exclusion can be very stressful for a colony and it will be difficult for them to relocate, providing them with a box is a great way to keep them in the box and away from your home.    Bats are great to have as they eat various insects that could provide other inconveniences as a homeowner.   A bat box can be purchased online easily and installed away from your home giving you the best of both worlds, bats out of your house and natural benefits of having bats near your home. 

If you are having trouble with the bat proofing process or find that these steps can be challenging, the Gray Brothers Team is here to help, give us a call today for all of your Connecticut bat proofing needs.

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