Black Rat Snake

Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC caught this Black Rat Snake in Wilton, CT.

Black Rat snakes are found from New England south through Florida and west through the eastern half of Texas.The common black rat snake is medium-sized, averaging 42 to 72 inches in length. At the widest point of the black rat snake’s body, its average diameter is 1.5 inches. The black rat snake is covered with keeled scales, and has a powerful slender body with a wedge-shaped head. A variety of black rat snake subspecies is found across the United States.

The black rat snake, as the name implies, is completely black except for a white chin. Hatchlings of the black rat snakes have a pale grey background with black blotches along the back. As the snake matures, the color becomes darker until the snake reaches its adult phase. Hatchlings are often mistaken for copperheads because their skin patterns are similar.
Common black rat snakes tend to be shy and, if possible, will avoid being confronted. If black rat snakes are seen and confronted by danger, they tend to freeze and remain motionless. Some adult black rat snakes attempt to protect themselves They coil their body and vibrate their tails in dead leaves to simulate a rattle.


Black Rat Snake removal in Wilton, CT.

Black Rat Snake
Black Rat Snake

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