Raccoon Removal

Gray Brothers Wildlife LLC doing a raccoon removal job in Westport, CT. These raccoons were digging through the customers garbage and eating seeds from her bird feeder. They decided that they liked it so much that the would make residence under her deck. If you are in need of raccoon removal, call the raccoon removal specialists at Gray Brothers Wildlife today!! 203-855-1888.

Raccoons are solitary most of the time. The exceptions are during breeding, while mothers are raising cubs, and communal denning in the winter which is common. They den in tree hollows, abandoned burrows, rock crevices, brush piles, abandoned beaver lodges, or buildings. Dens are used in the winter, for raising cubs and for temporary shelter. Raccoons are often seen dabbling in the water with food. It is believed they are not washing it but separating out inedible bits, especially for things caught in the water. Raccoons can purr, whimper, growl, snarl, hiss and shriek. A raccoon squabbling with another raccoon or animal can create quite a cacophony.

The raccoon’s dexterity can make it particularly pesky. Those long, nimble fingers are capable of manipulating objects, opening garbage cans, turning knobs, working latches and getting into things humans wish they wouldn’t. They are a great adaptation for an opportunistic forager. As usual, the most common source of human/raccoon conflict is the raccoon’s quest for food. As with bears, the best way to avoid conflicts is to remove or adequately contain food sources near your house that will tempt raccoons.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal in Westport, CT.

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